How to choose a hardscape material


Choosing a Patio, or driveway solution

How to choose a landscape material for your hardscape project. 

There are many options out there for the material used to build your driveway. Besides an interlocking paving stone driveway, your choices include stamped and poured concrete, or asphalt. The main three winning features of pavers is cost, strength, and longevity In terms of cost, interlocking concrete driveway paving stones are among the most expensive in terms of initial cost, even when compared to slab options. However, the driveway will pay for itself over time, both in lower maintenance costs (money and time) and sheer longevity, as you will probably not be forced to replace the driveway for decades! The reason why this occurs is due to the structure and design of interlocking paver driveways versus the other options. For concrete and asphalt driveways, the project ends up being one huge, connected slab. While strong (but not as strong as interlocking pavers) Actually, this slab does not do well with freezing and thawing cycles that occur here in Reno, NV. So as water freezes underneath the slab, it forces itself into it. The slab cannot bend, so in response it cracks. As freezing and thawing continues, these cracks get worse and eventually leading and forcing you to install a new driveway. 

However, for interlocking pavers, this is not a problem. The bed of aggregate and sand underneath the driveway is strong yet flexible. In addition, the joints between the concrete pavers give them the best of both worlds:  with both strength and flexibility. These driveways will not crack due to any freezing or thawing. Slabs do have the advantage of not being susceptible to settling, while interlocking pavers sometimes do settle. This is easily fixed, as the settling pavers can be removed and reset as necessary. Overall, the maintenance and replacement costs are far lower for interlocking paving stone installations than for any other options over time. The fact that these driveways add property value to your home is just more icing on the financial cake!

All of this results in a durable paver installation that will withstand Northern Nevada's all time changing weather, driving and parking. In many ways, it is as close to ‘set it and forget it’ as you can get in the home improvement world  – as long as it is installed correctly and with attention to detail! 

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Why we most often choose Interlocking Concrete pavers

Well here in Reno, NV replacing your concrete driveway and Installing an interlocking paver driveway is an excellent decision for most home owners.  You will see financial, aesthetic, and structural benefits from using  interlocking concrete paving stones for your next driveway project. In Reno and the surrounding areas This material is a great choice especially if your driveway experiences heavy traffic, as interlocking paving stones are a great way to preserve your driveway against the harsh elements here in Northern Nevada while simultaneously beautifying your home and increasing its appraised value.